What Garden Tools Should A Newcomer Who Is New To Gardening Prepare?
Apr 24, 2018

Many people will be scoffing at this issue. It's not easy to plant flowers and grow grass. There are also requirements for tools. However, things are not so simple. For a beginner gardener, don't know too much. Real gardening is not about raising a few pots of water. Some people call gardening art of the garden and say that it is nothing but art. When you really go deep into understanding it, you will find it extensive and profound. It mainly involves 3 colleges, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamental horticulture, and most of us are involved in ornamental horticulture. I once heard that one of the big names in the industry said that the first search in the Taobao horticultural category is actually a rose seed. A little knowledgeable knows that roses are not planted, but this does reflect the lack of knowledge of this kind of knowledge for our gardening beginners. Because we are a country that does not pay much attention to gardening and does not have a horticultural tradition. Our country has gardens. Due to historical reasons, the development of horticulture in our country has lags behind.

For the novice, direct purchase of ready-made potted plants is the most correct choice. After all, most people involved in gardening are not engaged in research. They are trying to find something to do for their leisure time and beautify their living environment.

A simple set of garden tools only requires gardening shovels (preferably one size and size), gardening scissors, watering cans, loosen the soil first, trim the leaves, and familiarize yourself with the changes of plants in various seasonal environments. Until you have accumulated a certain amount of experience, you can try your own seed cultivation. Need to use starter, graft knife, tied rope and other professional high-quality tools.

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