What Are Your Family Garden Tools?
Apr 24, 2018

As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools. For potted flower enthusiasts, the favorite flowers and beautiful flowerpots are of course indispensable, and efficient and practical garden tools are also good tools for raising flowers. ". As a result, spenders spend less on garden tools than flower pots.

The watering can can replenish the flowers with water at any time. For indoor foliage plants, spray twice a day or wipe with a wet towel. It can effectively prevent the dust on the page from affecting the photosynthesis of the plant. At the same time reduce the evaporation of water from the larger plants of the leaves.

Gardening shovels are mainly used for cultivating potted flowers. Three-foot bowls can be used to loosen the soil. Tip shovels can be used to transfer seedlings. Round shovels are mainly used to fill flowers.

Gardening is equipped with a spring repair trimmer to trim the flowers. Most garden scissors are designed as arcs and semi-ellipses. Their advantages are mainly to reduce the frictional resistance between scissors, trees, and flower shrubs. For plants with large branches and dry density, they must be trimmed to better and more accurately. All parts of the branch.

There are several types of commonly used mini-gardening gadgets for family-cultivation, which is considered to be a good helper for budding flower buddies in the early stages of flower potting.

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