What kind of wrecking bar company can produce with safety
Dec 17, 2018

Safety first, prevention first


On the morning of December 14, 2018, Shandong ruiji factory held the "strengthening safety production and 'safety production month' launch meeting".The general manager Cheng ran and company's all staff attended the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the safety officer played all kinds of video short films about "production safety accident".These accidents are all due to carelessness and may happen to you and me at any time. After the participants watched, they all felt frightened and tightened the safety string. Safety is greater than production. At no time should we let down our guard against safety problems. We would rather not sacrifice safety for yield! Please attach great importance to safety in production.

Safety awareness to layers of publicity, constant publicity, must not float on the surface.We should make every process, every team and every position very clear about how to avoid danger, protect ourselves and protect the factory.The factory also needs to establish a production safety reward and punishment system and honor system, set up benchmark, strict punishment, and strictly implement production safety with the system.


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