Interpretation Of The Development Trend Of Domestic Horticulture Industry From The Foreign Garden Tools Market
Apr 24, 2018

At present, the major consumer markets in the global garden tools market are concentrated in Europe and the United States, while the garden tools market in Asia is relatively small and develops rapidly.

North American Market: The North American market for garden tools is mainly concentrated in the U.S. market. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of garden tools and its consumption is mainly from home gardening and public green building. The U.S. economy is relatively developed, the private garden has a relatively high ownership rate, and home gardens are maintained and operated frequently. Such as pruning branches and finishing lawns, the demand for garden tools is very strong, which has led to the development of the garden tools market in the region.

European market: The European horticulture industry is an active and growing market, which is largely due to the development of European art. In recent years, gardening television programs and major gardening exhibitions, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, have all contributed to the development of horticulture. There are about 40 million acres of parkland in Russia, which means that every 3 Russians have their own courtyard. Since the Soviet era, Russian villas have been accompanied by a garden of about 600 square meters, and the heads of households often plant some fruits and vegetables in the courtyard during the warm season. The cultivation of fruits and vegetables will allow customers to keep on demanding garden tools, but customers will prefer more cost-effective tools. In Russia, the need for garden maintenance will continue to support the high demand for garden care products.

In the British conception, gardening is a traditional and popular hobby. In the past more than ten years, the British gardening market has maintained a good growth trend. The development of the social economy in the UK, the increase in disposable income and an aging population are conducive to the development of the horticulture industry. The total amount of money that British consumers spend on horticulture each year is as high as 5 billion pounds. As the demand for gardening increases, the demand for garden tools products also increases.

Domestic market: China is the main production base of global garden tools. Since the export of garden tools is mainly export-oriented, and the export method is mainly shipping, the production areas are mainly concentrated along the coast. It is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces in East China.

The downstream industries of garden tools are mainly public gardens, timber logging and family conservation, which mainly include brand dealers, large supermarkets, traders, and specialty stores. With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the demand for public garden construction and family conservation has become more and more prosperous, making the garden tools industry have a good development prospect. From 2014 to 2019, it is expected that China, India and Hong Kong will have higher compound growth rates. Among them, the compound annual growth rate of the home and gardening market in China is expected to reach 13%.

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