Home Gardening Conservation Instructions For Garden Tools
Apr 24, 2018

The vibrant and vibrant plants can add many beautiful colors to the home life. However, the plants just bought will soon die. I am afraid there are many people with such experiences. Indeed, for beginners who are horticultural, because of the lack of basic cultivation techniques and conservation methods, they often can only “look at the flowers”. garden toolboxes can be as simple as possible. Having the following basic garden tools is enough to make the home gardening work easier and safer.

1. Watering Kettle: "Lianping-style watering can" evenly sprinkle water on the leaves of the plants, cleansing the dirt on the leaves, and restoring the bright colors of the leaves, and enhancing its ability to digest and absorb. However, for those plants with leafy hairs and flowering stages, a “tip-type water bottle” must be used to direct the water directly onto the potted soil in order to prevent the leaves from smoldering and the buds falling off.

2. Sprayer: The leaves of plants that are in room air-conditioning for a long time are prone to dryness. In addition, plants that prefer a moist environment, such as nature, also need to use sprayers to make fine mists on the foliage to maintain the moisture needed for growth.

3. Shovels and spades: often require shovels or spades to help when loosening and changing pots. If you are planting a small potted plant, you only need to prepare a light spatula, a small file, and a small awl. For large and medium-sized pots, a powerful and powerful spatula is more convenient.

4. Work Gloves: When carrying pots, fertilizing, and pruning branches and leaves, it is best to wear work gloves to protect your hands from being contaminated by fertilizers or stings.

5. Branches cut: Cut hard stems and leaves of plants, take a professional branch cut more appropriate. It is sharp and can avoid the improper pull of the plant, and make the plant's incision flat and beautiful.

6. Strapping rope: In order to control the growth direction of the stems of the creeping plants, besides the pillars can be erected or guided by the iron window; fixing the soft iron wires at intervals from the stems is more reliable. The green soft iron wire is similar to the color of the stems and leaves of the plant, avoiding visual obtrusions.

In fact, it is not difficult to do the daily maintenance of home gardening. As long as you can master the trick, a beautiful home garden is yours.

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