Good Stone Masonry Tools Factory Need Good Safety Education Training
Nov 28, 2018

Good stone masonry tools factory need good safety education training

Today, our company has carried out safety education training for the purpose of improving employees' safety awareness and safety skills.Our company has formulated the safety education training plan, and regularly carried out special job training, team leader training, full staff training and management personnel training.Through training education to improve the safety awareness of all staff, identify unsafe hidden dangers, make all positions familiar with and implement the safe operation procedures of this type of work, and resolutely follow the safe operation procedures of this type of work to prevent the occurrence of a disease.

Hold safety knowledge competition, run safety blackboard newspaper, equip with safety knowledge booklet, create conditions to hold on-site simulation operation, anti-accident drill, the first lesson of new employees into the factory is to give them safety education lesson.

In addition, our company has established the safety production responsibility letter.A joint responsibility system for production safety shall be established, and responsibility for production safety shall be signed at every level within the production organization system to clarify the responsibility of individuals for production safety. Each level shall be responsible for the first level, and each level shall be responsible for the first level, so that each employee shall assume the responsibility for maintaining production safety, and a complete and efficient production safety system shall be established.



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