Garden Tool Price Difference Reason
Apr 24, 2018

In fact, the same price difference in garden tools seems to be the cause of the forging process.

The process of production of gardening tool manufacturers is very complicated, requiring iron→forging→blank embryo→polishing→polishing/injection/plating/blackening→finished products. Forging iron is also very particular about. The material is very different, there are Ma Steel (also known as process steel); low carbon steel; medium carbon steel; high carbon steel; alloy steel (all kinds of alloying elements added to make steel have different characteristics, generally chromium, vanadium, molybdenum , Manganese, etc.), as well as the polishing processes mentioned above, with different surface treatments and different handle processes, all result in different finished garden tools prices.

In recent years, as people's consumption levels have increased, the frequency of home gardening tools has increased, and gardening tools have moved into more ordinary homes. People use them to feel the convenience brought by tools and the simplification of their lives. Choosing the right tools, choosing the right gardening tool kits and combinations, and using or sending friends are the best choices. Creating more affordable products is an innovation in the development of gardening tools.

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