Garden Tool Industry Development Features And Trends
Apr 24, 2018

Garden Tool Industry Development Features and Trends

(1) International Manufacturing Transfer, Domestic Manufacturers Develop Their Own Brands

With the increase of production costs, garden tool manufacturers in developed countries in Europe and North America have changed their thinking and transferred production and manufacturing links to developing countries. On the one hand, they have built production bases in developing countries, such as STIHL, TTI, and Komatsu Japan, and others. In terms of cooperation with domestic manufacturers using OEM and ODM models, these cooperation models have created business opportunities for domestic garden tool manufacturers. When domestic manufacturers cooperate with foreign manufacturers, they perform product quality management and production according to the requirements of the other party. Foreign manufacturers regularly inspect the production management process and product quality, which is conducive to domestic manufacturers learning from the international advanced level. Improve the product development and production management capabilities of domestic manufacturers.

Domestic manufacturers are fully aware of the importance of independent brands while working with foreign customers. A good self-owned brand can bring more added value to the company and enable the company to focus more on product design and R&D. Therefore, some domestic manufacturers are already developing on the basis of OEM and ODM business. The construction, management and sales of independent brands.

(2) Increased environmental protection of garden tools

In recent years, as global warming and environmental pollution have become more serious, people have paid more and more attention to environmental protection. The environmental protection laws and regulations in various countries have also gradually increased the demand for garden tools, such as the European Union's Euro II emission standard and the United States' EPA standards. The development of garden tools tends to be more environmentally friendly. According to different power systems, garden tools can be divided into gasoline-powered garden tools and electric garden tools. Gasoline powered garden tools are small internal combustion engine products; electric garden tools are divided into AC electric garden tools and DC electric garden tools. AC electric garden tools use an external power source as a power source, and DC electric garden tools use portable batteries as a power source.

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