Essential Garden Tools For Home Gardening
Apr 24, 2018

When home gardening improves the living environment, it can not only beautify the environment, purify the air, but also play a sterilizing role. A variety of horticultural plants look different and have their own natural beauty, adding a lot of vitality and liveliness to urban residents living in reinforced concrete for many years. Bring up a few garden tools and join them with the green plants you have cultivated. Cut, prune, and cultivate the earth. Even if you just water the water, liberate yourself on the go and steal your life.

Gardening spade: This is a group of nails that can be used together. Large ones are responsible for large areas of loose soil. They are usually used in the spring, or are used for loose rows of loose soil. Small spots can be used at any time, directly near the roots of plants. Tear soil without hurting plants. When your garden is big, these earth tools will work. They can collect the fallen leaves, make the smashed lands softer and delicate, and can make the soil that is too moist to have a gap that facilitates the entry and exit of air.

Gardening Scissors: If the lawn is not large, there is no need to use a lawn mower, and a strong grass shear is sufficient; the grooves in the handle are parallel grooves, which is the most comfortable and intimate design; and the pruning shear wall thickness The intensity is also greater, it is suitable for cutting potted flowers, such as rose, rose; hedge shears using imported steel pruning shears, extremely sharp, even if the "reluctant" shrub, have to accept it The "repair".

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