About Improving Heat Treatment of Tow Eye Hook expecially for TOYOTA HOOK ASSY.FR
Nov 01, 2018

This morning, our company solemnly welcomed TOYOTA's UK agent inspection.Accompanied by our direct customer from heyco company of Germany, we mainly provide guidance on the heat treatment process of our welding traction ring.

The British TOYOTA engineers first carried out technical inspection and guidance for the heat treatment of our mesh belt furnace.

check it by eye at first, confirm that the first piece of best is qualified, start batching from the furnace mouth. When the furnace mouth is placed, products of different materials and different types are not allowed to enter the furnace at the same time. Check the oil temperature, when the termperature exceeds 78℃turn on the oil tank cooling pump and the cold water valve switch.then check if the mixer is working properly. Check the drain blower, tank hoist, and drain hoist every 20-30minutes and check the flame status very 5-10 minutes. When the equipment fails, notify the equipment administrator or serviceman.

Then the engineer tells us about the process for checking the TOYOTA HOOK ASSY.FR.

check whether the size after welding conforms to the drawing requirements.

Set the quenching furnace temperature is 840-900 ℃, mesh belt speed is 1.8 HZ;Carbon accused of 0.00 to 0.30.

Set the tempering temperature is 390-440 ℃, mesh belt speed is 2.0 HZ;Tank temperature control: 60 ℃ to 80 ℃.

Until the temperature of the furnace to set the temperature stable before the formal operation

Take out and put the products discharged in the upper process into the entrance, and discharge as per the requirements shown in the diagram.

After further discussion, our company's towing eye hook heat treatment technology has been improved to a higher level. Customers get along well with us and benefit from each other. At the same time, it strengthens further our long-term and stable cooperative relationship between us.




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