Technical and quality requirements for wrecking bars
Aug 30, 2018

Technical and quality requirements for wrecking bars

1.Easy to pull hook, nail or flagstone.

2.The parts do not interfere with each other and move smoothly.

3.The spring handle is moderate.

The surface crystallization is uniform, with sufficient brightness. There should be no defects such as leakage, yellowing and bleaching, peeling and peeling, burns, scraping, rust, coarse grains and deformation.Non - primary parts should not be seriously oxidized black and the traces of electrical transmission.

The quality of wrecking bars should be bright and clean, bright color, the matching color should be basically consistent, no deformation, cracking, brittle crack, parts dissatisfied, strict defects such as shrinkage, top whiteness, top height and surface oil stain shall not exceed 0.05mm.The scratch length shall not exceed 1mm.

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