Simple garden tools introduction and maintenance
Apr 24, 2018

There are many types of garden tools, such as lawn trimmers, mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, water pumps, drilling machines, drafting machines, fight drugs, garden tools, and of course, there are some small garden tools. : Garden Scissors, Flower Tools (Garden Tools, Small Sets) Garden Scissors The main products are high-cut, hedge shears, hedge shears, pruning shears, pruning shears, pruning shears, picking scissors, Cut flowers, cut grass, etc.; (garden flowers, small sets of flowers) including flower pots, flower shovels, flower pots, flower pots, flower forks and so on, specifically two heads (two heads), flat heads, Hibiscus, three-dentate calyx, three-dented calyx, lotus root, alfalfa, large flower spade, small flower shovel, three-word flower spade, one-word flower fork, six-tooth bud and so on.

So do not know how to use garden tools to maintain and maintain gardening is not a good gardener!

First take a look at the use of lawnmower maintenance and maintenance

Venue: You cannot cut grass to prevent injury and damage the machinery when the slope angle exceeds 15 degrees. Do not cut grass immediately after rain and watering to prevent personnel slipping and mechanical work.

Special emphasis is: when the lawnmower is operating, no person is allowed within a range of 10 meters, especially when the side row is not facing people. Be sure to stop the machine when adjusting machinery and falling grass. Never adjust the machinery and pour the grass while the machine is running. The

The function and use of the garden tool safety handle: The safety control handle of the lawnmower is a stop switch that controls the flywheel braking device and the ignition coil. While holding down the safety control handle, the flywheel brake is released and the stop switch is opened. The gasoline engine can be started and run. On the other hand, if the safety control handle is released, the flywheel is stopped and the ignition switch of the ignition coil is connected. The gasoline engine is stopped and stopped. That is, the machine can operate normally only by holding down the safety control handle. When an emergency occurs during operation, releasing the safety control handle will stop the machine. Therefore, when operating, do not bundle the safety control handles with wires.

Height adjustment: According to the requirements of the lawn, the height of stubble after cutting is determined. The warm season grass in the south is generally 3 cm, and the cold season in the north is 5 cm. The cut height is one-third of the original height of the grass. When cutting grass, it can only be trimmed along the slope, but cannot be trimmed up and down along the slope. Be especially careful when turning on slopes. Beware of obstacles in caves, trenches, mounds, and grass.

Maintenance of garden tool machinery: After each work, remove the spark plug to prevent the engine from starting up when cleaning the cutter head and turning the blade.

Check the blade: The blade of the lawn mower should always be sharpened and sharpened. The trimmed lawn can be seen in good condition. The cut grass has a small wound and the lawn is not easy to get sick. On the contrary, not only is the lawn trimmed bad, the resistance to the drive shaft of the lawnmower is increased, the load of the lawnmower is increased, the working efficiency is lowered, the operating temperature is increased, and the abrasion of the machine is increased, so the sharpness of the blade must be maintained, and the blade must be sharpened. Ergonomics and guarantee the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, it should always check whether the blade of the lawn machine is balanced. If the blade is not balanced, it will cause machine vibration and easily damage the parts of the lawn mower.

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