Safety precautions operation for using wrecking bar
Aug 08, 2018

Safety precautions operation for using wrecking bar:

1), The wrecking bar should be stuck in order to prevent the stick from skidding to the wounded when dialing, not allowed to ride the wrecking bar and not carry it on the shoulder.

2) it is forbidden to insert the hand under the rail when lift the high cushion plate, the freezing pad and the rubber pad.

3), when using the wrecking bar to move the rail, it should be operated by one person; when two peoples operate, the response must be called, the action is consistent and the rail should be quickly pulled out of wrecking bar after the rail turning up.

4), when many peoples work together, they should conduct unified command and maintain a certain safety distance between each other.

5), with track circuit operation, the crowbar or wrecking bar should have insulating sleeve to prevent the electricity from mixing.

6), when starting the nail, hold the position of the crowbar to avoid the rail, do not force too hard, pay attention to the surrounding personnel, not to use hammer and crowbar to pry the stick of the nail.

7), when using wrecking bar to pin a nail must be fixed with the stone, wood and so on. It  is forbidden to replace by the crowbar pad, especially pay attention to wound when the wrecking bar falls.

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