​main method of galvanizing on the surface of steel sheet is hot galvanizing
Sep 27, 2018

main method of galvanizing on the surface of steel is hot galvanizing

Date: SEP.27,2018

Hot galvanizing is the development of older methods of hot galvanizing that have been used in industry in France for 140 years since 1836.However, the hot galvanizing industry has been developed on a large scale with the rapid development of cold rolled strip in the past 30 years.

The production process of hot galvanized sheet mainly includes: original plate preparation, pretreatment, hot dip plating, post-treatment, finished product inspection, etc.According to custom often according to the treatment method before plating

Lines to the hot galvanizing technology was divided into different annealing and annealing in two categories, namely, wet (single hot dip galvanized steel method), the line outside the annealing (single method of hot dip galvanized steel), galvanized Wheeling method (Wheeling) (strip continuous hot galvanizing process), annealing, Jimmy's method (Sendzimir) within (method) of shielding gas, improvement, Jimmy's method, steel union method (with Japanese kawasaki method), Silas (Selas) method and Sharon (Sharon) method.

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