How to use wire cutters in garden tools
Apr 24, 2018

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to the beautification of gardens, and to do this requires the help of gardening tools, of which the most used gardening tools are wire cutters. How safe is it to use wire cutters?

The use of pliers must be done in a way that cannot be overused. Do not twist the pliers under constant cutting conditions. It is easy to break teeth and damage. Whether the steel wire or wire or copper wire, as long as the pliers can leave a bite mark, then use the teeth of the front mouth of the pliers to clamp the wire, gently lift or By pressing the wire, it is possible to break the wire, which not only saves labor, but also does not damage the pliers, which can effectively extend the service life. In addition, the wire pliers are divided into insulated and non-insulated, in the live operation should pay attention to distinguish, so as not to be injured by strong electric.

No matter what kind of gardening tools you use, be sure to use it safely and always put safety first!

The types of garden tools have evolved from simple tools such as boring heads, axes, grass shears, and sickles to various tools with various functions. Garden tools have mobile tools and hand tools. Here are the specific categories of garden tools:

1. In garden hand tools, garden scissors and garden flowers tools are all included. Garden shears mainly include high branches, hedge shears, hedge shears, pruning shears, pruning shears, multi-purpose shears, fruit picks, shears, shears, etc. The set of garden flower tools include flower buds, flower shovels, flower buds, flower buds, flower forks, and so on. Specifically, they refer to two-headed dragonflies (two flower buds), flat stems, flat stems, three-dentate buds, and three-dentate buds. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

2. In the garden tool, we mainly refer to the garden lawn trimmer, garden mower mower, garden hedge trimmer, garden chain saw, garden water pump, garden drilling machine, garden drafting machine, garden fight drugs machine And various garden tools.

After reading these, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the specific classification of garden hand tools, if you need to buy garden hand tools, it will not be impossible to pick.

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