How to use support rod correctly
Dec 17, 2018

How to use support rod correctly

1.Check whether the strut is cracked, deformed or bent before use; 

2. Check whether the connecting pin between the strut base and the strut base falls off or loosens, whether the bolt and the screw cap are intact and effective, whether the base plate is damaged, deformed or uneven, and whether the anti-skid rubber pad on the base plate is damaged and intact;

3. Support operation requirements: 

1) according to the weight, height and Angle of the support object, the appropriate support rod specifications should be selected;

2) when supporting, the upper support point should choose the real point or surface, and the ground of the lower support point should be flat and solid;

3) support Angle, in principle less than 90 degrees and more than 70 degrees, is prohibited to exceed 90 degrees.

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