How to use Jack correctly when changing automobile tires
Jul 31, 2018

First of all, Jack and home scale is the same as the weight range, manufacturers will be based on the weight of the vehicle to be equipped with Jack, the general sedan Jack weight is within 1.5 tons, for ordinary families this is enough. This kind of Jack is usually the rack jack, small size, and convenient to store, but the support weight is limited, because each model is different, so try not to borrow other's Jack at random, so as not to cause unnecessary loss.

On the maintenance of such large objects, the jack plays a great role, but the danger is not small, so the vehicle must be completely fixed before using the jack, pull the hand brake, the manual block to hang into the 1 gear or the reverse gear, and the automatic block should be put into the P gear, and must be used on the hard and flat pavement. Do not want to save trouble here, if the quality of the jack slips from the jack, the tool damage is small, resulting in the injury of the underneath the maintenance staff is terrible.

In addition, when using jacks, we must carefully read the introduction of the use and support points of the jacks in the vehicle instructions. In the bottom of the vehicle, there are special support points supporting the jack. The support point of the household car is often in the side of the side side of the side, like the two fins on both sides of the chassis, about 20 centimeters in the back of the front wheel, and about 20 centimeters in front of the rear wheel. This fin is out of the chassis plate, can withstand a large pressure, so do not put the jack on the chassis of the steel plate, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis.

Use Jack to pay attention to:

1, with the jacks of the original car belt, you can use the jack larger than the weight of the car, and do not use the jack less than the weight of the jack.

2, the ground must be hard to prevent the jack from collapsing when working.

3, the chassis of the top of the jack to find the position, the general vehicle under the girder with teeth, it is easy to find.

4, the jack should stand straight and stand steadily.

5, a safety warning sign must be put in the rear of the vehicle.

According to the small knowledge of the jack, you must pay more attention to the jack when you change the tires at home and pay attention to the split structure of the jack's rocker arm. It needs to be connected with the supporting wrench and casing. Use the jack correctly to avoid unnecessary damage, whether it is to the car or to the person!

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