Guide of how to choose hand tools
Sep 17, 2018

Guide of how to select hand tools


Turbid oil stains on the surface or not

Every involved hardware kind of product, must see the treatment of rustproof technology that is good or not. When you buy, you can see whether the product will leave thick oil on the hand, and the oil is thick or not. if there is this product generally unqualified. In addition, it can be identified through smell, if the product has a pungent smell, it is usually made in the omission.

Whether the steel print is clear

Hardware products are usually printed with brand words, label number, etc., although small, but is produced by the factory mostly use steel printing technology, and before the overheating process on the word, so the font is small but deep, very clear.And the font of copy product is more ambiguous, because imprint a word technology is coarse, font floats at the surface, some can be wiped with the hand even easily.

Whether the outer packing is clear

The factory has special designers to design the packaging, and arrange the production conditions of the factory production, packaging from lines to blocks are very clear.Some imported brands also have unique designs specifically designed to protect intellectual property.

Prick up your ears

Take the product shake and listen for noise.The production conditions of most counterfeits are backward, and they are operated by manual workshops. It is inevitable that some impurities like sand will be mixed in the production process, which will be hidden in the bearing. Therefore, when rotating, they will make noise.This is the biggest difference between a factory brand that strictly adheres to production standards and operates by machine.

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