Gardening beginners buying garden tools notes
Apr 24, 2018

1. Select garden tools according to the flowering environment

Different flowering environments have different requirements for garden tools.

Indoor flower growers need to be equipped with flower stands, flower pots, spray bottles, grafting knives, pruning shears and so on.

Outdoor planting, due to better lighting conditions, many types of flowers and trees, including some relatively tall trees, so the requirements of the tool is relatively more. In addition to the above-mentioned tools for indoor use, there are also pruning saws, high branch saws, folding saws, fruit cutting scissors, handicraft scissors, high branch shears, hedge trimmers, ring shears, water jets, pruning saws, and high branch saws. , folding saws, grafting knives and so on.

2, purchase of equipment taboo once purchased, extravagance and waste

It is best to buy flowers in the first batch for beginners. You can purchase the necessary items first, such as flower pots, soil shovels, etc. Other tools can be added at any time to avoid unnecessary waste.

3, practical, beautiful second

Although some garden tools are designed to look good, they are actually not practical for home gardening enthusiasts. For example, a flower friend bought a beautiful flowerpot from a famous foreign brand furniture store at a very reasonable price. After returning home, he found that even the basic drainage hole was not there and he could not grow flowers. Flashy.

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