Garden Tools Maintenance Tips
Apr 24, 2018

A flower and grass breeding enthusiast is sure to professionally prepare some gardening tools. Our common tools are shovels, branches, watering cans, and shovels. When you buy a good quality tool, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the garden tool after use, so as to maintain the good performance of the tool and extend its service life.

Garden tool cleaning:

After each use of garden tools, the soil above it should be cleaned and flushed with water, but the water on the tool should be wiped or dried before it can be collected, otherwise the tool will rust. After using a tool with a wooden handle, the wooden handle can be rubbed with linseed oil for protection. In particular, tools that have been chemically cleaned must be thoroughly cleaned, as fertilizers and other chemicals can corrode metal parts. After using the watering can to apply liquid fertilizer, it must be cleaned inside and outside to avoid corrosion and debris.

Garden tools to prevent rust:

After using the pruning tool, wipe the metal part with a piece of tarpaulin. It is also possible to clean the metal part of the tool with a clean cloth and spray a little anti-rust lubricant. To prevent the tool from rusting, you can use a small bucket to put sand, pour in a quart of engine oil, and plug it in the sand several times before you put the tools together.

Polishing maintenance of garden tools:

If you use a bladed garden tool, you can prepare a grindstone and a rasp to sharpen the edge of the gardening tool to keep it sharp. After completing the above gardening tool maintenance procedures, please store the gardening tools in a special bag or tool box for your next use.

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