Explain the classification and use of common garden tools
Apr 24, 2018

Garden tools, as the name implies, are instruments that are used in gardening. The emergence of various garden tools has greatly improved the efficiency and results of the current horticultural construction. In fact, the garden tools can also be subdivided according to the application and the use object or the function method.

Gardening scissors:

Scissors this thing will appear in people's lives in different forms. For example, ordinary scissors for almost every household, small scissors for cutting eyebrows, etc. But what about garden shears? In fact, there are many types of gardening scissors, such as pruning shears, cut flowers, grass shears, fruit pickers, and so on. These scissors have different shapes and functions.

Spade shovel:

The flower shovels used in garden tools are classified according to their functions. There are many kinds of flower shovels, such as large shovels, spade shovels, spade shovels, and so on. These shovels are determined according to the type of flower used when used.

In fact, if it is not commonly used in daily life, many people do not have a conception of garden tools. Only the most common garden tools are known to people, such as scissors used to cut flowers and plants. But even with such common tools, people cannot fully understand their functions and methods of use.

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