auto tire lever is a labor tool
Apr 24, 2018

auto tire levers are a kind of labor tools that are widely used in the overhaul and maintenance of railway tracks. auto tire lever is the use of the lever principle to make heavy objects overcome gravity, lifting heavy objects from the ground and the displacement of the practice. auto tire lever is divided into six sticks, round sticks and flat file. Hexagonal sticks and round sticks can be processed as: two-round, two-side flat or round one-end flat, as a building tool or hardware tool, the latter can be used for car tools. The flat file is the thickness of the length, most of which are used as a tire repair tool.

auto tire lever technical parameters

auto tire lever Technical Parameters: Open auto tire lever: Specification: 1550 Material: 45#-60# Hardness (HRC): 30-40 Weight: 8-9.5kg auto tire lever: Specification: 1550 Material: 45#-60# Hardness ( HRC): 30-40 Weight: 8-9.5kg

Main use of auto tire lever

The auto tire lever does not need to use the nail pad in the course of railway maintenance and operation, and can be widely used on ordinary wooden pillow lines and wooden sleeper ties. The nailing effect is good and the auto tire lever improves work efficiency and achieves the goals of safety, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency. .

auto tire lever product features

Forged from product forging, it is durable and is mainly used for railway maintenance and mine development.

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